GOP Senator Ron Johnson Backs Harley Davidson

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Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson interviewed with John Catsimatidis on New York’s 970 AM station. Being from Wisconsin, the home state of Harley Davidson, the issue of President Trump’s Tariffs and Trade War was bound to be mentioned.


Due to an increase on tariffs by the European Union that shot up from 6% to 31% on motorcycles in response to President Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum, Harley Davidson chose to open an overseas factory in order to avoid the retaliatory tariff. The response by President Trump was a one-directional Twitter war with Harley Davidson with CEO Matt Levatich’s only response being that he never called the President a moron.

Because of the beginning of the trade war…our state has been particularly targeted,” Johnson said. “Harley-Davidson has been targeted, our cranberry industry, our ginseng industry, but people don’t realize that Wisconsin is a huge manufacturing state.

We’re a big steel-using state. Steel tariffs are hitting us pretty bad, pretty hard,” he added. “That raises the costs of American-manufactured products, of Wisconsin-manufactured products.

What happened with Harley basically is the trade war. They were paying 6 percent tariffs to get into Europe, now it’s 31 percent…

–If they manufacture in another country they can enjoy the lower steel prices and remain competitive.

So they really don’t have a choice.

Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin

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