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*updated 7/9/17

I have written about this before on my blog and social media, and when the topic comes up, my answer is always the same; get a Go Pro camera!

A quick search online and you will find hundreds of thousands of videos and pictures taken with a Go Pro camera, but more importantly, it has captured an endless amount of road rage from “cagers.”

It was less than two months ago that road rage was caught with a Go Pro camera ten minutes south from my home. The driver chased the motorcycle rider at a high rate of speed and tried to hit him with his car multiple times. That driver is facing felony charges, with a Go Pro, who knows. (As typical, the motorcycle rider removed the video from YouTube).

A few months ago, I had a driver push me off the road. I had the camera on my helmet, but it wasn’t on, yet, the was enough to get the driver to leave in a hurry. I won’t make that mistake again.

Last year, I had about seven personal injury cases that a hit and run was involved and the drivers were never found. This year, I already have four.

Hit and runs unfortunately, are more common than people think and will be the subject of an upcoming blog. In south Florida, we do have traffic cams, but obviously not everywhere, nor at every intersection. If motorcycles and cars used more cameras, a lot of accidents and/or legal issues could be resolved quickly. I don’t remember the name of the company, but I did see a commercial for a company that does sell a camera just for your car. Of course, truckers are using it more regularly as well.

As a personal injury attorney, I wish everyone had one. It would reduce a lot of time and money that gets wasted with finger pointing and it would all but eliminate unnecessary litigation. I have had plenty of clients tell me they weren’t intoxicated when they got pulled over and arrested for DUI. The body cam ends that argument in a hurry. At the same time, it prevents abuse from a law enforcement officer.

Now, I know many of you are reading this blog and are already shaking your head and rolling your eyes and are making your right to privacy argument. Let me make this really simple for you- you cannot expect a right to privacy in a public place. It’s that simple. Inside your car, your home, etc., fine, but not on the road or sidewalk. To many online attorneys on social media seem to believe that. Think about it… I can look at your license plate since there is no privacy issue there, but when I take a photo of your license plate, I have invaded your privacy rights? Leave the practice of law to attorneys.

With time, when people start realizing that cameras are the norm, maybe, they will think twice about what they are about to do.

In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy your ride.

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