Getting Cut Off

video of motorcycle crash
Miami Fl



Here is a short video of when we were riding in a large group of 100 plus motorcycles on the highway. This is a ride that I organize every year called the Turkey Ride and Drive. It is a charitable ride where we collect turkeys for Thanksgiving to give to the less unfortunate.

Now, the good news this were no altercations, road rage, or accidents whether with cars or motorcycles. However, the question remains on the driver pushing himself into the lane.

I know this is a subject where both sides meaning bikers and cagers will never agree, but as much as I try to think like a cager, my answer will always be the same. I have made attempts in prior blogs to see both sides of the story.


In my opinion, the car should have and could have waited. He could have pulled off on the side of the road and once the last motorcycle passes him, he could jump on the highway and proceed to where he is going. My rational is I simply don’t want to hit a motorcycle and the simplest way of doing so is by not cutting one of.

The part that I never understand is that when there is a line of motorcycles, there is always that one car that wants to break up the group. Granted, this situation is arguably different sense the driver did not want to get off on the wrong exit, but then again, just wait.

But, we have all had drivers break up the group for no reason at all. I see it happen all the time when riding to Naples, FL which is a two lane lane road with lanes traveling in opposite directions. Sometimes, they cut off the group and then just stay there the rest of the way.

Regardless, as motorcycle riders we have to be aware of every possible scenario. And car drivers, please watch out for us as well.

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