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Get back whips


The first time I saw a “get back whip,” hanging from the bars of a motorcycle, I thought “that looks cool on a bike.” I never bought one, I typically don’t dress up my bike, but nonetheless, I believed it was a nice look. Of course, with time, I learned that everything regarding motorcycle riding serves a purpose and the “get back whip” is no exception.

Historically, it seems that “get back whips” were a way for motorcycle clubs to show-off their colors, however, in today’s world, companies now advertise the whips as a safety feature. You don’t have to shake your head, I already did that for you. The argument is with the whip flying in the wind, you become more visible to cagers. I doubt that, but then again, you really shouldn’t advertise for what bikers say it is for.

Anyway, “get back” is as the name applies; when cagers get too close to you, it is used against their car or the person. If you want to have one because you think it looks cool on your motorcycle, I agree with you, but as a weapon?

Unless you are related to Bruce Lee, chances are you will swing the buckle right into your own face. I also don’t think you should be swinging a whip on the highway against a car. There is a very good chance you will lose that battle every time. Besides, from what I have seen in the mafia movies when they do a hit, they don’t leave the weapons lying around after it is used. Just a thought.

The fact is, at least in Florida, I can foresee a biker being charged with a felony as the get back whip would probably be considered a “sling-shot.” It’s not easy, but try to keep cool when faced with those situations where cagers take out their aggression on you. I know, it’s never easy and I have faced a few, okay, more than a few situations where I lost my cool, but I still try.

Be cool.

MC Atty

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