Gangland Undercover- The Charlie Falco Story

charlie falco

I always enjoy watching the Gangland Undercover documentaries or docudramas because I enjoy the history of the motorcycle clubs. From their inception through the violent and turbulent turf wars to where they are today. Even the constant current battle between the U.S. Government with the Mongols M.C. is interesting, especially from a legal perspective. Usually with these shows you have to put up with bad acting, but Gangland Undercover has done a good job with the Charlie Falco story.

Falco was a former meth dealer who had to decide between prison or becoming a confidential informant. He chose the later and was able to infiltrate the Vagos, Mongels, and Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs.

Since then, he has earned a degree in Criminal Justice and is considered a foremost expert on motorcycle clubs and outlaw motorcycle clubs (omg). Currently, Falco is in the witness protection program but does give lectures regularly.

Here is a link to the schedule of Gangland Undercover.

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