Fourth Outlaws MC Member Arrested in Leesburg Bike Fest Shooting

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On April 29, 2017 during the Leesburg Bike Fest held in Florida, police allege a fatal shooting took place between members of the Outlaws MC and the Kingsmen MC. The shooting resulted in the death of Kingsmen MC member, David Donovan. The shooting took place at a Circle K Gas Station when Donovan and three other members of the Kingsmen were forced outside by Outlaws MC members.


Police state four Outlaws were involved with the last arrest being of Miguel Angel Torres, III from the city of Rockledge, Florida.

The police reports read that the Outlaws wanted the Kingsmen to join them, but they refused. Donovan was shot three times and died within a few days because of the gunshot wounds.

Marc Knotts, who is a chapter President of the Outlaws MC, was also shot apparently by a member of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club. However, it has been reported that Knotts was wearing a motorcycle vest with bullet proof panels.

Knotts was arrested and subsequently charged with capital murder and kidnapping along with Jesus Alberto Marrero. The police were searching for Gregory Alan Umphress, but he was found in Collier County, Florida this past Saturday and arrested as well.

Umphress is the fourth member of the Outlaws to be arrested in the shooting. Currently, he is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping. Leesburg Police Lt. Joe Iozzi said there could be additional arrests, for now, four have been arrested.

Umphress in November of 2009 was arrested and charged with attempted murder. On video, he is seen leaving Papa Bear’s Den Bar and Grill in West Palm Beach, and as he did, he took a handful of French fries from a customer.

The customer followed Umphress outside who was with other members of the Outlaws, and confronted him. A fight broke out and Umphress removed a hammer from his Harley Davidson and slammed the victim in his face. Two more Outlaws, Donald Parker and Steven Christianson, jumped into the fight.

The prosecutor upon seeing the surveillance video, upped the charges to attempted murder, but defense attorneys argued successfully that there were not sufficient facts to support an attempted murder charge, so the jury only heard of the battery charges.

Umphress was found not guilty of the aggravated battery charge, but the jury did return a guilty verdict on the battery charge. Umphress did less than six months in the county jail.

He also plead guilty to a battery charge in 2015. Here is the link to the initial blog.

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