Forever Ride Iron Mountain

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Needles Highway South Dakota

In December of 2014, a good friend of mine passed away after his bout with cancer. When I scheduled a ride in his memory, which by the way, when I wrote his Last Will & Testament, he called me back bitching saying how boring the Will was, etc. I told him it’s a Will, it’s not supposed to be fun and sexy. Well, Pete said “no.” A ride was to be scheduled and everyone had to take a shot of Jack Daniel in his name. That was Pete, always full of life.

When I had received the news that he passed away, we were spending a couple of days in Saint Augustine. I’ll never forget walking out to the balcony and seeing a double rainbow. From there, we walked down to the street to the first bar we found and had our shot of Jack. I posted it on Facebook and soon enough, people started taking shots of Jack Daniel’s and posting the pics on Facebook as well.

At his ride, I was given a custom bracelet of his that was black and gold; the colors of his club. That day I wrapped the bracelet around my handlebars and I looked up to the sky and said- “we are still riding to Sturgis.”

For the next nine months, that bracelet was wrapped around my handlebar and when I left for Sturgis, we visited Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and finally South Dakota.

Pete and I were always talking about this trip. He looked forward to it. He would always smile and say “can’t wait, brother.”

When we rode Iron Mountain, we stopped at one of the tunnels that frame Mount Rushmore. It is there that I buried his bracelet so that he could forever ride Iron Mountain on his Harley Davidson that he affectionately called- “la puerca.”

Pete wanted to go to Sturgis, and he did. We are just glad we were able to go with him.

Forever ride Iron Mountain.


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