Florida’s Connection to the James Kauffman Murder Case

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Beverly Augello and Ferdinand Augello

Update on the James Kauffman Case

Always, no matter what what the topic, there seems to be a six degrees of separation with Florida. And now with the murder case of April Kauffman, there is that Florida connection.


Prosecutors say that April Kauffman was shot and killed by a Francis Mullholland, a hitman hired by her husband, Dr. James Kauffman with the help of Freddy Augello, Chapter President of the Pagans Motorcycle Club. Both Kauffman and Augello are accused of running an illegal Oxycontin ring along with other members of the Pagans MC. Prosecutors believe that April Kauffman was murdered because James Kauffman was concerned with losing his financial empire in a divorce. James owned and operated a successful endocrinology medical practice in Linwood, New Jersey.

The Florida Connection

This week, another person has been arrested in connection with the April Kauffman murder. Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello’s ex-wife, Beverly Augello was arrested. Beverly was residing in the laid back town of Summerland Key near Key West, Florida.

Just one hundred twenty-nine miles south from where I am sitting and a nice ride down US-1 on my motorcycle, police in Summerland Key confirmed that Beverly Augello was arrested and extradited to New Jersey.

Beverly is believed to have picked up the money to deliver to Francis Mulholland, the hitman. Mulholland ultimately died from a drug overdose.

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