Fatal Shooting of Outlaws MC President by 69ers President

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From left to right- Paul Anderson, Michael Mencher, Christopher Cosimano, Allan Guinto

Updated 1/1/18

Thursday in Pasco County, home of Tampa Bay, there was a fatal shooting of the Outlaws M.C. Chapter President Paul Anderson. Anderson, forty-four years old, was the President of the Cross Bayou Chapter.


At a Press Conference on Friday, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco stated that while Anderson while was waiting in his truck for the light to turn green, Christopher “Durty” Cosimano, President of the 69ers, got off his motorcycle and stepped up to Anderson’s truck on the driver’s side. After tapping on the window to get Anderson’s attention, he fired three shots, killing Anderson.

The deadly shooting took place during rush hour traffic. Cosimano was arrested along with fellow club member, Michael “Pumpkin” Mencher who Sheriff Nocco labeled “the finisher,” meaning that if Cosimano wasn’t able to kill Anderson, then Mencher would. Witness reports indicate that Mencher did not fire any shots, only Cosimano did.

A third suspect, Allan “Big Bee” Guinto was also arrested on the charges of first degree murder as well. Guinto was considered to be the “lookout vehicle” and assisted in the getaway. The arrests were made within twelve hours of the shooting. Sheriff Nocco considers the Outlaws and 69ers rivals.


Cosimano and Mencher were reported to have their the license plates and faces covered and were not wearing any club patches. Sheriff Nocco warned of a possible increase in violence. “We expect there will be more violence in the Tampa Bay Area because of this incident,” even advising to be aware of out-of-state tags or large groups of motorcycle riders.

There’s no doubt in my mind there’s going to be more violence because of this,” Nocco said. “That’s a big deal when you take out a president,“–and these groups don’t take it lightly.”

Sheriff Nocco believes Anderson’s murder was retaliation by the 69ers because Guinto was attacked earlier this year at a bar by members of the Outlaws.

The investigation was assisted by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF).

Earlier this year, several members of the Outlaws were arrested for the murder of a member of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club during Leesburg Bikefest. 

Paul Anderson’s funeral is scheduled for the sixth of January.


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