harley davidson street glide
My Street Glide Parked in front of the office


Now that weather finally has cooled down in south Florida, meaning it is in the low eighties, I have a bunch of excuses to jump on my bike. First excuse, I have to work this weekend.

According to Google maps, from my house to the office is 14.8 miles, but, I’m an expert, so I stretched out my ride to triple that amount. Then again, what biker doesn’t know how to do that?

With October, comes the motorcycle riding season for me in Miami. I can now ride to work and not be drenched in sweat. And in case you didn’t know, riding to work on a Saturday makes your life suck less. It felt great to ride through the back roads with a cool breeze and “The Doors” telling me to “break on through to the other side.”

When I was done with work, I called Anny and once she said she was doing her hair and nails, bingo! I would have to go have lunch somewhere. So, I headed north another thirty miles and had lunch at a biker bar known as Cafe 27.

The great part, Cafe 27 which is usually packed, was actually empty, but on Sundays, it’s a different animal. It’s shoulder-to-shoulder while the cover bands rip out one tune after another. But today, it was perfect. I got to relax by myself, sit by myself, and enjoy lunch with a Heineken and a cigar. It was just me and my thoughts. As bikers, we yearn for those moments.

Heineken beer bottle, cigar smoking 7 eyes motorcycle glasses
Looks relaxing, doesn’t it?

In today’s hectic world, even lunch seems to be a thing of the past, but when you can sit down and a enjoy a cigar after lunch, making your lunch an hour and a half long, it was a well deserved break. Time slowed down.

Once I was done, I jumped back on my bike and once again, took the scenic route home. In total, I made a 29 mile ride to and from work, a 110 mile ride with a long lunch and perfect weather. This is why we ride. This is what we work hard for. Reward yourself as much as you can, you deserve it.

One more thing, Anny wants to ride Sunday. Yes!

MC Atty

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