Everyone Is to Blame- Except Waco PD- Twin Peaks Biker Shooting

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Jake Carrizal, President of the Dallas Chapter Bandidos M.C.

Updates on the Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shooting

Douglas Pearson, a police officer from Aurora, Colorado and expert witness for the prosecution in the case of Jacob Carrizal, has been testifying this week regarding the shooting at the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant between the Bandidos and Cossacks. Jake Carrizal is the President of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Pearson is a twenty-six year veteran of law enforcement.


Pearson’s testimony focuses on both the Bandidos and the Cossacks being equally responsible for the shootout at the Twin Peaks Restaurant. Of course, the state has to stick to that theory, otherwise, every Bandido walks and the civil rights lawsuits will be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Casie Gotro, the defense attorney for Carrizal, cross-examined Pearson by focusing on the Cossacks as the aggressors, thus, the Bandidos and/or her client only reacted in self-defense. However, Pearson testified that he saw text messages from Carrizal’s cell phone that told other Bandidos to “bring their tools,” to leave their women at home, to not travel alone, to not tolerate disrespect and that “this is the life” members chose.


“Does that not tell you that one side was the aggressor and the other side was not? Is it not significant to you that the president of one group is telling members to send members of another group to the hospital?”

Pearson answered that question by saying that both sides were read to “engage in battle.”

Gotro brought up the point that the Cossacks had members wearing bulletproof vests once again, making them the aggressors, but Pearson rejected that idea, replying instead that once the Cossacks started to wear the Texas bottom rocker, that is when tensions escalated between the two clubs because the Bandidos believe Texas is their territory. Pearson went on to say that he has seen no evidence of the Bandidos trying to prevent the confrontation.


Now, the question is what is the jury thinking? DA Reyna in his opening arguments focused on what it is to be a 1%er and the motorcycle club lifestyle. If the jury buys the argument that mc’s are everything they claim he is, is that relevant to the case in hand?

Pearson testified that the Bandidos did not attempt to prevent the confrontation, but then again, they are not obligated to. It doesn’t matter what the past is between the two clubs, all that matters is who “threw the first punch.” Everything else is irrelevant, especially the Bandidos state of mind, even if taking into consideration past acts allegedly initiated by the Cossacks in attacking the Bandidos first.

Every time I leave the house, I have a firearm in my briefcase, on me, or in my truck. Am I ready to “engage in battle.” Of course, but that makes me guilty of nothing. There is no criminal law against preparation and while focusing on the history is a precursor in theory to the events that unfolded, that’s a delicate argument that could go either way. And again, if everyone seemed to know that violence would have erupted, could this not have been handled differently, which has been my issue from the beginning?

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