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Updates on the Twin Peaks Waco Shooting

“Psst. Did you hear? District Attorney Abel Reyna is under an FBI investigation for public corruption?”

“I know. Everybody knows that. That’s old news.”

“Who is everybody?”

“Residents of Waco. Law enforcement. Staff at the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office.”

“Well, if everybody knows, how come Reyna doesn’t?”


Not one. Not two, but three affidavits have now been filed alleging that District Attorney Abel Reyna is being investigated for public corruption by the FBI. This third affidavit was filed by Jorge Salinas’ attorney- Brian Bouffard. The second affidavit was filed by former prosecutor Brittany Scaramucci and the first affidavit by defense attorney Clint Broden.

The Affidavit-

The affidavit was filed by a retired thirty-two year veteran of the Waco Police Department- Sherry Kingrey.

Initially, Kingrey was tipped off that members of an illegal gambling ring were buddy-buddy with Reyna and that Reyna had received non-registered/pay-offs from them in return for political favoritism.

Kingrey’s affidavit also alleges Reyna’s tactic of appointing special prosecutors to have cases dismissed. While I haven’t seen it mentioned yet, I wonder when those special prosecutors will be investigated, if they aren’t already. Here’s a free tip- if you did accept the role of a special prosecutor to dismiss cases based on Reyna’s urging- it’s time to seek an immunity deal.

Phone Calls-

At issue continues to be phone calls Reyna made the day of the shootings at the Twin Peaks restaurant. For reasons that I cannot figure out, he called two people that are known to be part of that illegal gambling ring. Why? Didn’t he have more pressing issues to focus on? It really makes no sense. The only thing my twisted mind comes up with is if there was an actual bet on how many could be arrested and charged.

If that’s not enough, Kingrey also stated Detective Manuel Chavez was not present when the arrest affidavits were completed and Chavez stated in previous testimony he did not see Reyna that day, but Reyna stated in his testimony they had discussions regarding the arrest affidavits. As the result of the conflicting testimony between Chavez and Reyna, a special prosecutor has been assigned to investigate possible perjury charges.

But Wait….. There’s More-

Kingrey also alleges that information was leaked to a member of an auto theft ring, resulting in that person resigning from Reyna’s office. I’ll speculate here- if a detective accuses me of committing a felony while employed with the D.A.’s Office, I would seek counsel for a possible civil suit, not resign. Ultimately, seven defendants involved in the auto theft ring had their charges dismissed by Reyna. I’m sure that will be or is being investigated as well.

Reyna’s Response to the Affidavit:

“The affidavit of Ms. Kingrey secured by a biker defense lawyer and the 4 year-old allegations it contains are equally not true and even more laughable than those previously asserted.  The only calls I remember from the night of Twin Peaks were to the Waco Police Chief, individuals from my office, my wife, and a current restaurant owner to arrange for food to be brought to our hard working law enforcement men and women. Had Ms. Kingrey been at the scene, she could have enjoyed a tasty chicken sandwich and fries.  As for my conversation with Detective Chavez, her affidavit would mean that not only myself but at least two other assistant DA’s who witnessed our conversation are also not telling the truth. Further, had she believed this was important, why did she not address it in any reports while an active officer?”


Now, if you are into conspiracy theories, I guess the conspiracy is a retired cop is risking prison and loss of her pension/retirement by lying under oath and filing a false affidavit, a felony. You would then also have to believe that two attorneys are also risking disbarment and felony charges as well. Or… there’s that other option.

Want to take bets on who ends up with more charges than the bikers arrested in Waco?

MC Atty

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