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There have been more than enough online radio interviews and magazines (online & in print) that have promoted Nashville Bike Week. But my question is why?

First of all, you cannot state “well, I didn’t know.” Really? Then you obviously have no clue as to what is going on within the motorcycle community and so you are in the wrong business.

Or, another common response: I wanted to hear their side of the story? I guess just NBW’s side?

The reality is it doesn’t take a degree in bio-molecular physics to figure this out: Nashville Bike Week, meaning Mike Leffingwell, gives you money and in return, you say nothing, not even letting others expose him for what he is. Even though a simple Google search reveals more than enough.

How much were you paid to be a “sponsor?” Two hundred fifty dollars? Five hundred dollars? Basically a cable bill and power bill. Is that all it takes to sell your soul these days? It’s disgusting and you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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Let me explain this as simple as possible so that there are no more excuses:

  1. Nashville Bike Week gives you money and in return, you splash the logo on the cover of your magazine.
  2. An suspecting biker sees the cover and thinks, “cool, let me check it out.” They go to a non existent website, but do find a group page on Facebook. These see all these wonderful posts and comments because Mike Axle, a.k.a. Mike Leffingwell, or now Janelle Roberts, deletes the racist, insulting posts calling men child molesters and women whores. Nashville Bike Week’s page deletes and blocks anyone that asks a valid question, and the only thing the unsuspecting victim sees is fake profiles commenting how awesome this event is going to be.
  3. The unsuspecting person, a.k.a. future victim, now buys the tickets based on your “support” or legitimizing of the event.
  4. Your selfish actions caused another person to get ripped off and Mike Leffingwell (the Scam Artist Formerly Known as Mike Axle) and Janelle Roberts buy a few more days on the run. But hey, if your reputation is worth a cell phone bill, then more power to you.

But, and trust me on this one because I have seen it happen before, you open yourself up to liability. Trust me when I say when all this is said and done, people will be looking for whom to sue, and it just might be you!

Maybe you should have done your due diligence or not sell your reputation as a result of your newly inherited myopia. And if you don’t get sued, it doesn’t matter, because the same way news about Nashville Bike Week spread like wildfire, so will your reputation or lack thereof.

You simply cannot hide behind the mask of naivete any longer without expecting consequences. Speaking of bio-molecular physics- for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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‘To enablers!’

MC Atty

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