Drivers- Use Common Sense and Be Considerate

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I came across this story a while back and did so again this morning.

The motorcycle rider says a driver in a vehicle flicked a cigarette out the window and it landed inside his clothing, catching on fire and causing serious third degree burns. Here is my issue.

What possesses one to throw stuff outside of a window? For one, think of the environment, which is not your personal garbage can. Where do you think that cigarette goes? It either gets picked up by a bird or other animal, or god forbid some six year old kid. It is just a disgusting habit that I do not understand. Would you like for me to discard my waste in your front yard?

And if the environment is of no concern to you, then think about how this guy, riding his motorcycle minding his own business, almost lost his life because of someone’s careless and disgusting habits.

The full story and interview can be seen here.

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