Dr. James Kauffman Found Dead in Jail Cell

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Dr. James Kauffman appearing at a televised hearing.

Dr. James Kauffman of Linwood, New Jersey, was under arrest awaiting trial for the murder of his wife, April Kauffman. Kauffman was found dead in his jail cell in an apparent suicide. According to prosecutors, Kauffman had been relocated to Hudson County for his own protection due to death threats from Ferdinand Augello, a chapter president of the Pagans Motorcycle Club and co-conspirator.

Kauffman left a six page suicide note and apparently committed suicide by ripping a strip from his bed sheet and wrapping it around his neck in self-strangulation. While Kauffman’s cellmate was in court, the bed sheet was lopped through the slots of the upper bunk to apply the pressure needed while he faced down on the lower bunk.


Prosecutors claim that Kauffman conspired with Ferdinand Auguello to have April Kauffman killed when she wanted a divorce. Apparently, she threatened to go to authorities regarding an illegal Oxycotin ring he was running with Augello and other members of the Pagans.

Court records show that Augello hired Francis Mullholland for $20,000 to kill Kauffman. Mullholland was able to enter the home since the doors were left opened,  and shot April Kauffman twice. Mullholland died of a drug overdose. Recently, Augello’s ex-wife, Beverly Augello was arrested in the Florida Keys in connection with the murder.

Last week, alleged associates and co-conspirators of Dr. James Kauffman were released with special conditions. Glenn Seeler of Sanford of North Carolina was released with the conditions that he reside with his mother. Seller is charged with racketeering. Also released is Paul Pagano, Tabitha Chapman and Joseph Mulholland. Only James Kauffman and Augello were ordered detained until trial.

 The legal issue is now with James Kauffman dead, what charges if any, could the state proceed with?
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