Double Down? Nashville Bike Week- Scam or Legit?


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Nashville Bike Week Promotion

Last week it was reported by media outlet WKRN, the past legal troubles of Mike Lewis Leffingwell, the promoter of Nashville Bike Week who now goes by the name Mike Axle. I also wrote about it in my blog last week.

Leffingwell or Axle, whichever name you prefer, has past convictions for fraud and theft, complaints and a warning issued by the BBB for his company Got Concrete, other complaints about fencing contracts he never completed, even a bulletin board with some very interesting posts about him.

Below is the post on the Better Business Bureau page. You can see the post by clicking the link above. For the bulletin board link, also click the link above.

What makes this even more interesting is in the bulletin board, there are comments posted by someone that claims to be him.

To state those replies are aggressive are a major understatement. I’m also not sure why he thinks anyone would call his lawyer. I’m an attorney, if there is an issue, I call that person, I don’t wait for their call. What’s even more interesting is that apparently he states he has sold 56,000 tickets (conservatively, that amounts to $5.6 million in revenue generated), but wait, previous reports are that 4,700 tickets were sold and that is why he did not obtain a permit under Tennessee’s Mass Gathering Law.

I have also been contacted by someone that received a cease/desist letter from his attorney as well as claims that he had already sold 20,000 tickets. Regardless, even if it is 4,700 tickets, that’s a lot of money.


Last week, Axle promised to have a new location by Friday. Friday came and went, and now he is blaming his attorneys for the delay. Once again, I’m an attorney. If I were representing him, I would make a public statement. It should be noted that the Sheriff’s Office even posted on their Facebook if you know of his whereabouts, to contact them and I even came across a Facebook Page titled Nashville Bike Week Scam?


Since this happened, Mike Axle has been opening/closing his Facebook page multiple times a day. He even stopped posting in my group page M.S.A.R about the rally, but I did make it clear that I wouldn’t allow any posts about the event in my group page until all this was straightened out.

If you look up the the Nashville Bike Week Page on Facebook, I sure as hell see lots of positive comments all things considered. I even saw one person post that he doesn’t believe in the media. Okay, but you will believe in a convicted felon? You could argue yes, but you cannot deny the criminal convictions. And by the way, if your answer is yes, would you trust him with your money and running your business?


With a lack of negative comments, this leads me to believe either the posts are from fake profiles, or, all the negative posts are being deleted. You can look up my business page or prior blogs, especially my blogs on the Waco Biker Shootout, and there are plenty of negative posts on there. I even get insulted by a justice of the peace from Texas.

I find it odd he has no negative posts, however, there are constant reassuring feel-good posts about the event moving forward, but there is no actual proof that this event is in fact going forward. So, to make things easier, Mike Axle, why don’t you contact me and let’s do a Q & A session. I think I deserve it, considering that you posted numerous times on my Facebook Group Page M.S.A.R. and all that did was create more revenue for you. I have a few questions to ask. Basic questions such as-

  1. Why are you using a different name? As an attorney, I know you cannot legally change your name because of the felony convictions, so just curious why not go by your given birth name?
  2. Who are the investors and did they know about your past? Are they available for a Q & A, because I’m interested in knowing if they knew about your past, why they chose to ignore it.
  3. How many tickets have you sold? How much revenue has been generated? I think to ease people’s mind, you should provide access to this information.
  4. When is the new location being secured?
  5. Your website – this is more of a statement, I think per rules/regulations governing websites, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy has to be listed. Don’t quote me on that, but I believe so. Those links on your page just say “coming soon.”
  6. Why not speak to the media? It is a ton of free publicity you would receive. I know I would. I organize a charitable ride every year and we make sure we have the media present in order to help me get the word out.
  7. Just curious on how you arrived at the name Nashville Bike Week when Nashville is as far as 100 hundred miles from the locations you have chosen. Seems somewhat deceitful, don’t you think?
  8. Of all the negative posts I’ve seen, there was one about your father. Does your father also have past legal issues?
  9. Is that you on that thread?
  10. Have you sued anyone for defamation/slander? Have you sent out cease & desist letters?
  11. Have you deleted any negative comments on your Facebook pages?
  12. Why not hire me? I’m legit, you can look into my history and reputation. By the amount of tickets sold, even on the low end, there is more than enough funds to pay me a salary to watch over things. I’ll be more than happy to look into every detail and if everything is on the up and up, I guarantee you we can make this event explode! That would ease everyone’s mind from the purchasers of the tickets, the vendors, sponsors, media, even the Sheriff’s department. Not to mention it would be a lot of fun organizing an event like this. At least a lot more fun than going to court. Since everyone has a hashtag these days, look, I just created one- #hiremcatty.
  13. Finally, why should we believe you this time, all things considered? Fact of the matter is I want to give you the benefit of the doubt. Nothing is better than someone turning over a new leaf. We all believe in second chances, sometimes even a third or fourth, but just in case, re-read #11.

If you think you have been a victim of Michael Leffingwell/Mike Axle, free to comment or contact me via my personal email at

MC Atty

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