Don’t Blink- Nashville Bike Week

mike axle, mike leffingwell
Rare public appearance by Mike Axle, promoter of Nashville Bike Week


Well, the “breaking news” promised by Mike Axle, aka Mike Leffingwell, was anything but breaking news. A raccoon in my backyard is more breaking news than him hanging out at a restaurant saying the same as always that the event will go forward. He also deleted his Facebook Live feed within fifteen minutes of posting it! Why?


Previously, he had said the “Breaking News” was he was stepping back and announcing a new person to run the event, but that never happened. We have heard that many times because he says he needs time to take care of his “personal issues” which means the multiple felony arrest warrants pending in multiple states and/or jurisdictions.

nashville bike week location
Facebook picture posted on how the field looks at the moment where event to be held.

He also deleted the “breaking news” post, a common pattern.

By the way, someone contacted me to look into this. On the Nashville Bike Week page, he has listed Foynes Air Show. The same one in Ireland?

Here’s another interesting tidbit- the letter sent to Wide Open Radio from the State of Tennessee, I’m told the state didn’t use that logo back then.

nashville bike week scam

Here is link for the corporation registration.

Now, as I was typing this, he went on Facebook Live again. Nothing new was said. He did make clear he is not issuing refunds for tickets but will honor campsites, rv’s, etc…  Originally he said he would offer refunds.

He also went on to say don’t trust the media because President Trump said that. Just one question, aren’t Trump surrogates always on the media? So we shouldn’t trust his own surrogates? Apparently, don’t believe anything the media is saying, just what he says.

One more thing to think about, not one family member of his is posting the event or anything about it except for his sister Mindy.

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