Doctor James Kauffman Relocated for His Own Safety

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James Kauffman at his Arraignment where he pleaded not guilty.
Photo Courtesy of the Press of Atlantic City


Doctor James Kauffman, the endocrinologist from Linwood, New Jersey who sits in jail while being accused of running an illegal prescription Oxycontin ring with the Pagans Motorcycle Club, has now been relocated to another jail. The reason: Prosecutors say his co-defendant wants him dead.

Prosecutors claim that his wife, April Kauffman wanted a divorce from James and apparently threatened to go to law enforcement with the information of the Oxycontin ring. That’s when allegedly James Kauffman told Fred Augello, Chapter President of the Pagans Motorcycle Club who is his partner in the Oxycontin ring along with other members of the Pagans, that he needed to have her killed.

Francis Mullholland was hired to kill April Kauffman. He shot her twice by entering her home. Mullholland died of a drug overdose.

James Kauffman was relocated from the Mays Landing Jail and is now awaiting trial in the Atlantic County Jail.

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