District Attorney Reyna’s 15 Minutes Are Up! Waco Shootout

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Update on the Waco, Texas Twin Peaks Biker Shootout

Fresh off a defeat in the trial against Christopher Jacob Carrizal, the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office headed by Abel Reyna, just can’t seem to catch a break.

Originally, Attorney Clint Broden who represents Matthew Clendennen, filed a subpoena seeking documents from D.A.’s Reyna’s office regarding an FBI investigation. A pretty outlandish legal move if you think of it, and even Reyna issued a statement on Facebook claiming as such, but then, Attorney Robert Callahan that represents William Aiken, released an email from an FBI Agent to a retired Waco Detective that proves in fact an investigation was/exists against Reyna for public corruption (political favoritism/selective prosecution). As a result, Reyna recused his office from the next trial.

There was already an investigation pending by a court of inquiry on possible perjury statements by Reyna. Which begs the question, why was he even trying the case of Carrizal personally? Forget the fact that he entered office as an elected official with zero prosecutorial experience, why risk a guaranteed appeal if a guilty verdict was rendered? Let’s go a step further- it’s obvious that civil rights lawsuits will be filed, so the D.A. who is being investigated by the FBI tries the case himself? Like that won’t subject the town of Waco to additional lawsuits? I guess if you are being sued for hundreds of millions dollars, what’s another one hundred million.

Now, if I stopped there, that should be enough for you to yell “corruption,” but I’m not done.


A prior blog stated that a former D.A. was ready to go on the record and state that D.A. Reyna had cocaine delivered to him just weeks before the Waco Shootout.  

Now, last week, Greg Davis filed an affidavit stating he resigned from D.A. Reyna’s office because Reyna was in fact playing favorites. Mind you, Davis is an officer of the court. He has filed a sworn affidavit with the court stating his claims. You think he would make this up, even if he had an ax to grind? If Davis lied, he will no doubt lose his license to practice law and face perjury charges. So, I’ll ask again: you think he’s lying?

What Davis claims is easily verifiable through arrest records by the Waco Police Department. If arrests were made and charges weren’t brought forward, then there’s your answer.

Fact is stranger than fiction.

MC Atty

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