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Latest Updates on the Twin Peaks Biker Shootout


Clint Broden, the attorney representing Matthew Clendennen in the Twin Peaks trials, has filed subpoenas requesting documents from the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office regarding an investigation by the FBI against District Attorney Abel Reyna. Reyna dismissed the claims by Broden as “make-believe.”

The subpoena also included other prosecutors in the McLennan County District Attorneys Office, a detective, and a agent for the FBI.

Public Corruption Investigation Against Reyna?

Attorney Robert Callahan who is representing William Aikin, released an email from FBI Agent Dan Brust that was sent to Detective Sherry Kingrey (now retired) regarding possible corruption on behalf of Reyna based on information provided by two confidential informants. Callahan released the 2013 email because Reyna had said he was not currently or in the past under investigation by the federal government. The email of course, proves otherwise.

Callahan also stated that Detective Sherry has agreed to speak publicly that there is/was an investigation against Reyna. The investigation is based on Reyna selectively engaging in prosecutions for political gain. Reyna took to Facebook in defense of himself. His post can be seen at the end of this blog.

Second Investigation on Reyna 

Let’s not forget that a judge has been appointed to determine if Reyna or Waco Detective Manuel Chavez lied during a hearing last year. This was based on an affidavit filed by Broden stating because of inconsistent testimony, that there was sufficient probable cause to have an administrative judge appointed in order to start a court of inquiry. Since then, a judge was appointed and next will be a special prosecutor.

Revenge Porn Investigation Against Reyna?

In a completely disgusting move by Reyna’s Office, private pics taken from a cell phone during the mass arrests at Twin Peaks, were released as discovery and thus, shared with hundreds, if not thousands of others. Broden has argued that releasing said private photos is a criminal offense.

This will likely result in an investigation of prosecutorial misconduct.

Reyna’s Future

I’m still not sure why Reyna himself is trying these cases, but, that only helps if Reyna is ultimately charged and convicted for a crime. This will open the door for every single case under Reyna’s term in office to be appealed.

Reyna’s statement to KCEN-TV:

“I was always taught in dealing with a case: If you have the law, you argue the law.  If you have the facts, you argue the facts.  If you don’t have either, you attack the other side.”

Now, that above quote says a lot, especially that I have been practicing law for nineteen years and that quote, is not the same quote I heard as a law student. What I heard numerous times in law school was when the law is not on your side, argue the facts. If the facts are not on your side, argue the law. If neither is on your side, get on your knees and pray. Mind you, I did not go to a catholic law school or a law school of any religious denomination. I’m sure Reyna’s ethics professor is rolling his eyes, but then again, perception is reality.

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