District Attorney Abel Reyna Can’t Be Trusted- Waco Twin Peaks

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Statements about Reyna recorded on audio by attorney Casie Gotro.

 Updates on the Twin Peaks Waco Shooting

Someone is going to have another bad week.

Casie Gotro, the attorney who represented Bandidos Dallas Chapter President Christopher Jacob Carrizal in the first Twin Peaks Shooting that resulted in a mistrial, recently provided a recording to attorney Clint Broden. Broden represents George Berman who has his trial scheduled for January 22, 2018.

Broden filed the recording along with a motion regarding the scope of evidence to be provided making it clear that this isn’t a defense attorney crying wolf, but the Attorney General’s Office. Gotro just served a second dish of Karma to Reyna. Considering all his legal issues, maybe Reyna should retain Gotro . Then again, I’m sure she wouldn’t represent him. She’s an advocate for truth and justice, and the same cannot be said of her opponent.

Evidence not being supplied or provided at the last second was an ongoing issue that resulted in multiple trial delays in Carrizal’s case. At some point, a bullet could not even be matched to a rifle. 


In the recording, an assistant Attorney General by the name of Christopher Lindsey,  stated that McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna asked him to withhold evidence in Carrizal’s trial. Lindsey also went on to say that Reyna cannot be trusted, his office was not “assuming responsibilities,” “double-dealing,” and “hiding things.” Per the recording, he approached Gotro to protect his reputation and “stay above aboard.” It’s the right decision because in this business, your reputation is all you have.

Lindsey’s discussion with Reyna regarding evidence that he believed did have to be turned over and was subject to discovery, resulted in an argument with Reyna. Lindsey told his office that “-You can’t trust your own local prosecutor? Not in this case. Nope. Not even a little bit.” It was apparent to him immediately that Gotro’s statements that evidence was being withhold was true.

 Of course, District Attorney Reyna said that Lindsey apologized to him for making the statements. No wonder Lindsey said in the recording that Reyna is delusional.

The allegations if true, is yet another instance of prosecutorial misconduct. That is why D.A. Reyna’s office should be recused from all cases or wait to the investigations are over in order to guarantee a fair trial to the defendants.

The recording could be heard below.

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