Dismissals Coming- But Why? Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shooting

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Updates on the Waco Biker Shooting

The McLennan County District Attorney’s Office will be filing dismissals on possibly thirteen cases involving the Waco Twin Peaks shootout.

This announcement comes on the heels of another hearing scheduled to disqualify Abel Reyna’s office from prosecuting cases and after having a perjury charge dismissed in the Court of Inquiry.  So far we know that Jorge Salinas and Billy McRee’s cases will be dismissed. In two other cases, Reyna’s office will recuse itself, and eight others will not be indicted. On the recusals, a special prosecutor will be appointed and special prosecutors are 100% independent from Reyna’s Office, which means they will likely offer a lesser charge as part of a plea deal or dismiss the cases altogether.

The dismissals filed includes wording that while probable cause still exists, the D.A. wants to focus on other cases where the defendants are more likely culpable. Yeah right! Trust me, the State Attorney’s Office does not walk away from cases where they can get convictions. If one person is less culpable than the other, then you just file lesser charges. State Attorneys need convictions like we need oxygen!


Why Is This Happening?


If you have been following along, you automatically would react with skepticism. Under normal circumstances, you would think there was insufficient evidence to proceed. But, it doesn’t take three years to figure that out, besides, they never should had been arrested in the first place.
But, Reyna just had a perjury charge dismissed! Things are going his way! Not really! As I wrote in my last blog, the dismissal seems to be in part based on procedural issues- which means the remaining 150+ defendants could still seek a Court of Inquiry, and guess what- they will. So why the dismissals? It’s simple!


Former prosecutor in Reyna’s office, Greg Davis was going to testify of Reyna’s political corruption, to the point that it caused him to resign his position. Retired detective Sherry Kingrey and former prosecutor Brittany Scaramucci were also to testify. In addition, it is likely that the current prosecutors- Michael Jarrett, Amanda Dillon, and Sterling Harmon would also testify about Reyna’s involvement in the investigation and arrests, meaning that ultimately, Reyna would have to testify. This was the only way Reyna could temporarily shut them up!


Reyna is running for re-election and he is working harder on delaying cases to avoid another defeat like he faced with Christopher Jacob Carrizal’s case. We saw that recently when out of nowhere, his office sought to have Judge Strother recused, the same Judge they advocated for in the past that all of a sudden is “unfit” to hear cases.
Davis, Kingrey, and Scaramucci would testify about their prior interviews with the FBI regarding a public corruption investigation of Reyna. I’ve written hundreds of times before that Davis and Scaramucci would not file sworn affidavits in court alleging these charges if it wasn’t true because if they lied under oath, they will have their bar licenses revoked and face felony charges. Kingrey is retired. She would lose her pension by afternoon if she commits perjury. So, on one side you have Davis, Kingrey, and Scaramucci, and on the other side you have Reyna’s Office. Both sides cannot be telling the truth, thus, one side is lying. You can figure out which one is.

Those expected to have their cases dismissed are as follows: Andrew Stroer, Marco DeJong, William Redding, Jorge Salinas, Michael Moore, Colter Bajovich, Boyce Rockett, Clifford Pearce, Narcisco Luna, Jose Valle, Diego Obledo, Mario Gonzalez, and James Rosas.

Those expected not to be indicted: Esther Weaver, Ryan Craft, Jonathan Lopez, Theron Rhoten, James Harris, Bonar Crump, Juan Garcia, and Drew King.

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