Didn’t Drop the Motorcycle!

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Arriving to the Yurt, ready for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

All week while staying at the yurt during the Sturgis Rally, I had to cross that dry riverbed daily. It wasn’t easy, and it doesn’t look so bad in the video, but between the decline, incline, ditch, and the large rocks, it was. Towards the end, you can see somewhat the handlebars going side-to-side fast.


The key to this is simple enough: apply your rear brakes and give it throttle. There is no other way to do it. Honestly, I thought I would drop the bike, especially since I don’t ride roads like this in south Florida, but my experience of practicing slow speed maneuvers prevented that.

The fact is and I keep preaching this, anyone can ride in a straight line at whatever speed. Slow speed maneuvers are different because you have to learn to control your motorcycle. I’m always willing to teach others how to ride at no cost, the problem I have always encountered is that everyone tells me they already know how to ride. Of course, watching them leave a parking lot tells me everything I need to know. Fact is, most, and by what I mean most, I would say 95% of riders don’t know how to ride. Unless you can do slow speed maneuvers, you don’t know how to ride.


I’ve been criticized for practicing in parking lots with cones and I’m told by these “experts” that is not how you learn to ride. Here is a question: if you want to learn about investments, is Warren Buffett a good choice? If you want to learn how to play golf, is Tiger Woods a good choice? You get my point? The motor squad at a police department we would agree they know how to ride, correct? Where did they start and where do they continue to practice? That’s right! In a parking lot with cones.

Below are more videos of me practicing. You can also visit my YouTube channel where I have other videos of drills and safety tips.

Practice like your life depends on it, because it does.

MC Atty


I always said my goal was to ride around the pool. The circle was anywhere between 17-19 feet. It wasn’t a perfect circle which made it more difficult, not to mention the fact I could not lose focus. In addition, take into consideration that this is with a Honda Vtx 1800. The turning radius isn’t the best. Plus, it is a much longer, wider, and heavier motorcycle than my Harley Davidson Street Glide.

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