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Well, by now we know that the permit for Nashville Bike Week has been denied. It’s hard not to, since his post on the denial has been shared hundreds of times. No surprise either that hundreds of comments were deleted faster than a Harley Davidson CVO Street Glide from 0-60.

Even as I write this blog, Nashville Bike Week just posted (and court is in session as you read) that they will soon show the venue. Forget the fact that rumor is the landowner already planted seeds on the ground and that there is no lease agreement. Funny enough, my blog on the application seems eerily similar to the denial by the state of Tennessee. 

Even funnier is I have predicted each and every step along the way including a denial on an incomplete application. The application was so incomplete, that it wasn’t even signed. Maybe I am psychic.

nashville bike week location
Johnny Carson would had a field day with Carnac the Magnificent and NBW


Last night WKRN News reported on the denial. The webpage for Nashville Bike Week has been down for weeks and the Humphrey County Sheriff’s Office Posted this last night–

Didn’t Mike Leffingwell comment several times that the Humphrey County Sheriff’s Office was his friend and that they were referring vendors to him? With friends like that….. But, I seriously doubt they are friends. Con men don’t have friends because everything is based on an angle, focusing on gaining something for them while taking something away from another.

What all con men fail to realize is the most important thing you can get from another individual is not tangible, but intangible, and that is their friendship.

Of course, some on the Nashville Bike Week Page continue supporting the event, but it is clear as seen in the post above, it is not being held on that property per the landowner and the Sheriff’s Department. I know, Plan C and a venue further north. Wasn’t he supposed to turn himself in weeks ago? Wasn’t someone else taking over?

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What’s even funnier is what started this mess? I’ll start with Mike Leffingwell thought he could bully me not realizing I have faced bigger and badder. His first big mistake- calling me multiple times on the radio a f—-in bitch and a few more choice words.

Then, after not blogging about him for a week because there was no new developments, when he did his beer is for breakfast video in his Unabomber disguise, he said he shut me up with a cease and desist order. Ha! Enjoy my response to that especially the video at the end! 

By the way, where are his cronies now? Gone almost as fast as his toys on the auction block for not paying his office rent.

But besides the endless mistakes and lies, Mike Leffingwell’s biggest mistake was thinking he can bully everyone else. At this point, it is evident we are now longer crying wolf, but someone is crying.

He has called us haters, child molesters, and whores, but at the end of the day we have something he doesn’t: freedom and normalcy.

I spoke to someone recently that met Leffingwell at a bike event. He explained to me how Leffingwell’s personality changed once the event became popular. That his ego swelled up. But you see, that’s the sad part. Six months from now, he won’t even be a blip on the screen. Our lives will continue and he will be left with nothing except the shattered pieces of his ego in an 8 x 8 cell.

By the way, court starts now on the perjury charge. Follow this link to see the latest indictment filed against him. A no-show means warrant #5 pending!

mike leffingwell arrested

Now, to answer the burning question, who runs the Scam Page since that page has interviewed countless of witnesses, has every screen shot, and endless amount of documented evidence?

I know for a fact that Leffingwell thinks two people are running the Scam Page. But Mike- let me confess to you right now who runs the Scam Page. It is me! I run the Scam Page! Surprised? You shouldn’t be, because I’m not alone. Every single person you ever insulted, threatened, blocked from asking you questions, whose emails and phone calls you won’t return, who cannot obtain refunds, they also run the Scam Page!

In actuality, you created the Scam Page and ironically, you indirectly run the Scam Page.

I’m always dispensing advice to you, so here is another freebie- there is strength in numbers.

anonymous mask

Those who forget history, are condemned to repeat it. — George Santayana.


Edited 5/19/17 @ 1:30 pm- Mike Leffingwell did not appear in Court today so a Warrant has been issued. That is now 5 pending warrants for his arrest.

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