Deadwood, South Dakota



Named after a gulch of dead trees, in 1874, Deadwood was home of one of the largest gold rush settlements the United States. Famous residents such as Wild Bill Hilcock and Calamity Jane lived in Deadwood. This old cowboy town even had it own successful show on HBO. Now, you can find plenty of places to eat, drink, spend the night, and even gamble. The Deadwood Historic District is an entire town registered as a National Historic Landmark.

You will come across Deadwood if you are staying south and head north to Devils Tower, or if staying north in Spearfish and are visiting Sturgis.

If playing poker in Deadwood, be careful when your hand is Aces & 8’s, known as the Dead Man’s Hand; the hand that Wild Bill was holding when he was shot and killed during a poker game.

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