Daytona Bike Week – Ride the Loop

You cannot ride to Daytona and not Ride the Loop. Sure, you visited the beaches, rode through A1A, visited Orlando and Saint Augustine, Ocala National Park, but the Loop, is a must.

Daytona’s most popular route is a nice easy ride that will take you away from snowbird traffic and shopping malls. You will rumble through oak lined roads covered with Spanish moss as you take a thirty-three mile journey back in time. Pack lunch and stop at Tomoka State Park for a picnic. Relax, get away from the loud music and the partying. It’s only a thirty-three mile ride, but trust me, it will take you a while to complete the Loop since you will stop to take pictures.


MC Atty

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map ride the loop daytona
A don’t miss ride in Daytona during Bike Week!

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