Daytona Bike Week- I Rode Mine

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Time to ride!


I have to admit, that is probably the funniest patch I have ever seen, especially since it is true. Now, I did trailer my bike to Nebraska in 2012, but I had two days of 1,000 miles each day, and the same coming back, so it was a time issue, but that was the first and only time so far. Even this past year’s ride to Sturgis, I rode every single mile (about 6,500 miles).

I understand that sometimes you have to trailer your bike, but I’m focusing more on the motorcycle riders that don’t have to. For example, you live in south Florida and you trailer your bike 300 miles to Daytona Bike Week. Why? To ride from the hotel to Main Street and back? I would never go through so much effort not to mention spend hard earned money just to ride twenty miles a day. And by the way, I am not into riding long distances. The most I have ever done in one day was 518 miles, from Georgia to Miami coming back from visiting Sturgis. I was three days behind schedule so I had no choice, but I would have rather cut the trip in half, especially with the intense summer heat of August. For me, the perfect out of town ride is in the 300 mile range. If coming home the same day, I like to stick to 150-200 miles. More than that, I’m tired the next day and nothing is likely to get done when I get home. For that same reason, I don’t like going to bike nights. Riding a few miles for me isn’t fun. I use to sponsor a bike night that was 3 miles from my house. I rarely went because I hated riding a total of 6 miles. I actually would go out of my way to stretch the ride out.

I’ve also seen people trailer their bikes from south Florida to the Key West Poker Run; that I understand even less. There is nowhere to ride once in Key West. Typically, you walk everywhere. Besides, no one has ever been to Key West sober, it is a known “drinking town” so you really don’t want to be riding. Especially with such a strong presence of law enforcement.

Wind therapy. Wind in your hair. Cycle therapy, etc…. You can’t feel that when trailering your motorcycle. One day, when you are old and cannot ride anymore, you don’t want to reflect back on Daytona’s 75th Anniversary and tell your grandchildren, “I remember that weekend. It was fun trailering my motorcycle.” As a matter of fact, if you say something like that, they will likely think you are crazy and have you committed.

Motorcycle trailers were designed to tow your bike when it breaks down.

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