Days 8 – 10- Rocky Mountain, Colorado

big thompson canyon motorcycle ride

I still think about Clayton State Park. I truly wish I could have stayed much longer, but with 413 miles ahead of me before arriving in the Rocky Mountains, it was time to move on. By the time I reached the Rockies, I had 2,600 miles under my belt.

Entering the Rocky Mountains, I barely escaped bad weather throughout. There was a storm brewing to my left, but it never cut across my path. Lucky for me, because there was a definite temperature drop and I was not in the mood to ride in the cold and rain.

The town of Estes Park looks like a small quaint tourist town and a nice place to visit but, since we were arriving just before sunset, we had to keep going to Estes Park Campground.

The campground had great views and the sites offered enough privacy, but Estes Park Campground is a very popular park and thus, always packed especially with families.

At night, with the temperature ranging from forty to fifty degrees, I slept better than ever, at least better than the last seven days. Our three days in the Rockies was spent relaxing. Every morning I was guaranteed to see deer in the campsite as well as just before sunset. At one point, the deer passed within a few feet of our table to jump the fence and leave the campground.

My days were spent hiking twice a day with Bella and Anny, and just enjoying the snow capped mountains in the distance. We even decided to spend an extra night in the Rockies instead of spending a night in Wyoming which I had proffered the idea of a private campground across from Devils Tower, or in Custer State Park.

Leaving/entering the Rockies, if you have the chance, make sure to ride through Big Thompson Canyon. It is a beautiful ride through the canyon.

campground at estes state park

hiking in colorado

air mattress and truck tent

dog running in colorado

estes park colorado

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