Day 6, Waco (Twin Peaks)

A great night of sleep at Midway Campground in Waco, Texas could not compensate for visiting Twin Peaks restaurant, the location of the biker massacre.

As we pulled into the parking lot of Twin Peaks, I felt a “feeling,” a certain “heaviness.” Anny felt that way too. I had only felt that way once before and that was visiting the site of the Twin Towers in New York in 2007.

At the Twin Towers, I was only there at most two minutes before I had to go. The “feeling” was intense, “heavy,” and of “pure sadness.” It is not an emotion you wish to feel.

The sign of Twin Peaks had already been removed. While there, I was blind as to my surroundings. I didn’t see the cars driving through the adjacent parking lot, or heard any noise, or even noticed the nearby buildings and businesses. At one point, I noticed a sign that read “motorcycle parking.” There was still crime scene tape wrapped around the sign. At first I was offended and thought of removing the tape, but, my instinct told me to leave it as a reminder for all those that were killed and arrested.

To my right I saw a memorial. I immediately wondered if his loved ones have to drive by Twin Peaks regularly and have to be reminded of this tragedy. At this point, I noticed the highway that is across Twin Peaks. There was a steady flow of cars whizzing by. Prior to that, I had not heard one car drive by. Everyone can relate to the cemeteries that are near a highway. Once you enter the cemetery, it is quiet and peaceful. You do not hear your surroundings, not even of the adjoining highway. That’s how it was in Twin Peaks. The difference between Twin Peaks and a cemetery is that with all the death that surrounds a cemetery, I have never had a “heavy feeling,” not even when visiting my dad’s mausoleum. I can only guess that the difference is based on the fact that at a cemetery, those that have passed on are now resting in peace.

My chosen profession has hardened me and has given me a different perspective than most. One thing I constantly remind people of is when something bad happens, I tend to say most people put themselves in that situation, thus, I may not have empathy for them. I feel bad for people who did nothing to deserve a situation, for example, people who get cancer or other diseases. At Twin Peaks, the bikers didn’t “ask for it.” They were simply there. I just as easily could have been there myself. Had I been riding cross country that day and came across a bunch of bikers, I would have stopped to talk to them and hang out as bikers tend to do. Nowadays, I have stated before I am afraid to do that if it is not in my hometown. I would have been arrested that day too and the consequence is I would have lost my license to practice law immediately until this case is settled. I would have had no choice but to push this to trial to get an acquittal so I can continue to practice law. Between the day of my arrest and the acquittal, I would lose my business, my savings, and everything else I can call my own. Anything short of a dismissal or acquittal and my career is over. I could not afford to plea bargain this case. I’ve worked hard to get where I am at, and I continue to work 12-16 hour days. I don’t deserve to lose that because of someone else’s mistake, political reasons, or their prejudices. The overwhelmingly amount of those arrested that day at Twin Peaks don’t deserve that either.

What occurred to those at Twin Peaks will undoubtedly affect them for the rest of their lives regardless of the outcome. Events such as these could break one’s faith in god, humanity, and one’s own soul. Each person needs the strength of 100 hundred men to get through this. All I can say is don’t give up. There will be difficult times on the road that lies before you. You may feel alone, desperate, stressed out, confused, not knowing what to do next. Those feelings are not only normal, but more importantly, these feelings are temporary and shall subside. Remember, there are a lot of people pulling for you, wishing you the best. Think of them during those difficult times. You are not alone. There is strength in numbers.

Good luck and shall truth and justice prevail.

MC Atty

Standing in front of Twin Peaks



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