Day 5 -The Great State of Texas (Waco)

I arrived a day late, but, better than not arriving at all. With plenty of time to arrive in Waco, I rode the back roads of the great state of Texas. I enjoyed Texas for many reasons. For one, the people are friendly. You can never go wrong with that. Two, they love their pick-up trucks, mostly F-150’s and since I have an F-150, I’d fit in just fine. Three, Texas pride. Four, wind energy.

I always heard Texans were proud, but I never knew exactly how much until now. It seemed every home was flying a state flag and/or the U.S. Flag. I saw more flags riding through Texas than I did through the other 18 states combined. There are many lessons to be learned from Texas’ pride. When you are proud of your town, city, or state, you take care of it, hence, why I didn’t see any littering. Texas’ pride also extends to its heroes like Sam Houston Jones (see pic below). I even mentioned Texas pride on Facebook a few days ago and posted the photo of Sam Houston’s statute. One person replied “yes sir. I pass that statute everyday and I salute it.” That type of respect is something this country could learn a lot from.

Because I was short on time, there is lots I didn’t get to see or do in Texas. However, next year we are planning on camping in California, so maybe I’ll sneak some extra time in Texas.


About to hit some rain entering Texas
Abandoned post office in Batson, TX




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Post Office established in 1896.


Texas you get the thumbs up!


Sam Houston Jones Statute.


Midway Campground In Waco, Texas

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