Day 4- Still in Louisiana (Lake Charles)

On day 4, we both woke up feeling great. I had slept 7 hours straight and another hour after walking Bella around in the morning. Anny slept great as well (I didn’t pee that evening). With  a full night’s rest and clean clothes, we were ready to go. Unfortunately, we did not get to enjoy New Orleans; a 4 hour delay on I-10 put an end to that ambition in a hurry. I would also need a new garden hose since a raccoon decided to kill my hose.

Instead of arriving in Waco, Texas, we ended up in Sam Houston State Park. Again, the heat was 100+ degrees and because we left late that morning and the construction delay, Waco was out of the question.

As luck would have it, while Anny was at Wal-Mart and I was trying to figure out where to stay for the night, I came across Sam Houston Jones State Park which was about twenty minutes away. Failing to ride all the way to Waco that day was the best thing that could have happened to us because we absolutely loved the park. A constant theme throughout this trip was whatever was not planned, turned out to be for the best.

The park was mostly empty and the campsite we chose was across from the camp host. Our site was chosen because it overlooked the swampland. Like most camp hosts (except 1 in Shawnee National Forest), we enjoyed their company and listening to their experiences living in different parts of the country. Soon they were off to North and South Carolina.

Since we arrived with plenty of daylight, we walked the trails just past the swampland. There was a stage area for viewing nature which was a great spot to enjoy a cigar. The evening was spent in darkness coupled with solitude and the sound of crickets and frogs. Being alone in the woods with no visible city lights, in total darkness, was not only relaxing and put me into a meditative state, but actually made me reevaluate my future. Let’s see, I have some ideas.

While Anny prepared dinner, I pointed out to the camp host a deer in the distance. Nonchalantly he replied: “that’s Maggie.” Immediately the camp host went over and started to feed Maggie deer corn. Anny and I also fed Maggie. To be able to experience feeding deer in the wild was amazing. Maggie was sweet and gentle and to this day, I wonder how people can hunt deer.

Next stop- Waco, Texas.

Total miles- 1,249

Sam Houston State Park
Our view in the morning.
Mother Nature viewing area



Swamps of Sam Houston State Park


Maggie & Bella


So peaceful

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  • January 7, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    One helluva a ride, ride safe brother!

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