Court of Inquiry Dismisses Abel Reyna Perjury Charge

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Updates Twin Peaks Waco Shooting

Attorney Clint Broden, who represents Matthew Clendennen, had filed a petition seeking a Court of Inquiry based on conflicting testimony given by McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna and Detective Chavez. At a prior hearing, Reyna testified that he and Chavez spoke regarding the arrests of the bikers at Twin Peaks, while Chavez testified that they didn’t.

The Dallas County Judge David Peoples dismissed the inquiry, stating “that the evidence of perjury is insufficient and does not justify continuing the court of inquiry,” and that there was “serious prudential concerns about procedure.”

Reyna emailed the following statement Tuesday afternoon:

I believe the plain language of the Judge’s order clearly points out that this was an allegation without any evidence and an abuse of the process by Mr. Broden. I encourage everyone to read the Judge’s order.

Broden emailed the below statement in response to the judge’s decision.

I believe I fulfilled my ethical responsibility by bringing this scientifically impossible contradiction in testimony to an impartial judge to determine if a Court of Inquiry should be initiated. I am disappointed that this process was not completed as contemplated by the Code of Criminal Procedure. Having fulfilled my ethical responsibility, I consider my role in this matter to be concluded. Of course, it will be up to any other attorneys aware of the scientifically impossible contradiction in the testimony at the August 8, 2017 to determine whether another Court of Inquiry should be requested so that a decision can be made after a judge takes testimony and evidence on the matter. Likewise, it will be up to the public to compare the testimony from the August 8, 2017 and come to their own conclusions.

I further understand that Mr. Reyna will have another opportunity to testify under oath at a hearing in the Twin Peaks case set for Thursday of this week and I look forward to hearing that testimony.


Since the dismissal seems to focus on procedural issues, that does leave the door open for other defendants to pursue the Court of Inquiry.

Also, a Motion to Recuse Judge Ralph Strother, a bad faith motion filed by the District Attorney’s Office’s to further delay trials until Reyna’s re-election campaign is over, was denied, allowing Judge Strother to stay on for at least two more trials.

At the hearing, prosecutors argued since Judge Strother was recused from three other cases and recused himself on another one, he was therefore “unfit” to hear future cases. Before, the prosecutors fought tooth and nail to keep Strother on the bench. Prosecutors stated they will seek to remove Strother from other pending cases.

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