County or MC? Fire Chief Takes a Hard Stance for Statewide Ban!

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Fire Chief Dennis Jones of Hillsborough County Fire Department. Photo courtesy of

Updated 1/24/18

After the firing of Clint Walker, a firefighter with the Hillsborough County Fire Department for his affiliation with the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, Fire Chief Dennis Jones is hoping to make the county law of no gang affiliation for county employees a statewide law. The county currently guides itself by the list of gangs listed on the FBI National Gang Report.


In 2016, Fire Chief Dennis Jones sought state legislation on the countywide law, but it failed as legislators didn’t considerate it a problem. But now, Chief Jones is working with other fire chiefs including Florida’s Fire Marshal.

“I would believe if more fire chiefs had to deal with the things that I’ve been dealing with, and a few fire chiefs have, it might pick up traction. But at this time it has not gained the interest throughout the state to become a Florida statute. I believe it should be.” –Chief Jones

Walker denies any wrong doing and states everyone knew about the affiliations with the Outlaws. Walker intends on appealing his termination with the county and has stated numerous times he is no longer a member of the Outlaws since the countywide law was passed.

For roughly 13 years Jim was an Outlaw and a firefighter. And the fire chiefs, the assistant chiefs, the deputy chiefs, everyone knew about it, it was never a problem. So when I became a member of the Outlaws we didn’t foresee that being an issue. Because it hadn’t been an issue for years.

James Costa was a captain with the fire department. He was shot while riding his motorcycle in July of 2017. Costa’s case remains open as no arrests have been made. Originally based on prior media reports I wrote incorrectly that Costa had passed away from the shooting and this blog has been corrected as such.

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2 thoughts on “County or MC? Fire Chief Takes a Hard Stance for Statewide Ban!

  • January 24, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    As long as there are clubs and as long as there are feds, this will always happen (although this is state issue for now). Feds have always lost that battle under 1st amendment arguments. The problem is they try to wrap up everybody under one umbrella and legally, that never flies esp. in fed court where this easily could end up in. Read what I wrote on netherlands and Australia. You can’t even hang out with a club in Australia.

  • January 22, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    This is bullshit,if the guy was a good firefighter,what the hell does his affiliation with an MC matter? You don’t fire a guy for being a member of the Boy Scouts,or for being an Elk or a fez wearing member of the local Shriners(who often cause MORE problems with their shenanigans than the local chapter of any MC),so why fire him for being a biker and wearing colors? This well trained and willing first responder needs to appeal to the highest level of court.

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