Estes Park Colorado- 2,600 Miles Later

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Somewhere in Colorado getting near Estes Park

Arriving in Colorado was a welcomed change. Battling one hundred degree heat for almost a week wasn’t fun and it did catch up with me, getting me tired earlier in the day.

During the day, the temperature in Estes Park, Colorado was in the mid-seventies. At night, and this caught me by surprise, the temperature would drop down to the forties. But, even though I was cold and had to sleep with my jeans on an a sweatshirt, I slept great.

We enjoyed Estes Park to the point that we extended our stay by one night. Originally, our plan was to camp in South Dakota for one night before heading out to the yurt that we had rented for the week.

Each morning, I was greeted by deer. At times, the deer would cut through our campsite to reach the adjoining private property.


After a hot cup of coffee in front of the fire pit, I would take an hour hike with Bella while Anny prepared breakfast. After dinner, I would take another hour long hike, just before sunset as the sun started to hide behind the Rocky Mountains. Other than that, we did nothing other than relax and enjoy the scenery. This was the first time in a week that we were spending more than one night at a campsite, so we made sure to enjoy it by relaxing.

We discussed driving around the area, but unfortunately, a crack in the windshield that ran from top-to-bottom changed our plans. With local auto shops telling me it would take at least a week to find a replacement windshield, we played it conservatively and never left the campground, but that was find by both of us.



Three days later, it was time to head out for South Dakota and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This meant I got to ride through Big Thompson Canyon which is listed as a must ride for motorcyclists. See the video below of my ride through Big Thompson.

Big Thompson offers long sweeping turns and beautiful mountain scenery as you travel parallel to the Big Thompson River. This was also the first time I started to see more and more motorcycles, no doubt those riding out early to Sturgis.

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