CNN- Biker Brawl- The Waco Texas Shootout

cnn twin peaks shooting

CNN- Special Report- Biker Brawl- Inside the Texas Shootout

Last night, with the one year anniversary closing in on the now infamous shootout between law enforcement, Bandidos and Cossacks motorcycle clubs, CNN aired a one hour documentary; their second focusing on motorcycle clubs.

The first segment was with the Mongols Motorcycle Club and their ongoing battle with the federal government over their patches which ultimately, the Mongols won (click here to read more). MC’s 1, Government 0.

I enjoyed the Mongols’ MC segment since it was neutral in my opinion. The same goes for this documentary on the Twin Peaks Waco Shootout. So, I tip my motorcycle helmet to CNN for not picking a side and actually reporting both sides, including an interview with Bandidos MC former president who has a federal trial coming up in October on a laundry list of charges.

When the CNN segment was over, I realized one thing: we don’t know anymore today than we did yesterday, or a year ago for that matter. However, as I have written about many times, the more mainstream media gets involved, the more scrutiny, which is exactly what is needed in this case.

The good news, time reveals all.

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