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Photo courtesy of the Isle of Man

As if the Isle of Man TT isn’t enough to get your blood flowing, we now have the Classic TT which started this past weekend. As per the Classic TT website, the famous or infamous thirty-seven mile Mountain course, allows you to experience motorcycle racing with motorcycles that would either be in a museum or part of someone’s private collection. The Classic TT reminds me of TROG (The Race of Gentlemen) held on the New Jersey shore and now includes an exhibit at the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Museum.


This weekend, Bruce Anstey, from New Zealand, and last year’s winner, broke several records in the Dunlop Lightweight Classic TT Race. He started off by becoming the first rider to complete a lap under nineteen minutes with his 250cc Padgett motorcycle RS250. He owned the previous record for the same which he beat by one minute.

He was also the first rider to average more than 12o mph, which he did at 120.475 miles per hour. This included a fuel stop. His record breaking race was enough to give him a fifty second gap between first and second place. Dan Sayle averaged 117.740 miles per hour and was in second place.


Besides the races of the The Classic TT, there are plenty of other activities for fans. The Paddock Carnival features lives music from the fifties and sixties with the Blue Jays headlining.

The Classic TT Concours d’Elegance allows car and motorcycle owners to display their classic automobiles and compete for trophies. There is also the Vintage Motor Cycle Club Festival of Jurby which attracts more than ten thousand attendees.

The Isle of Man Motor Museum which is privately funded and has a collection of private cars and motorcycles, has over has two hundred fifty vehicles and two hundred motorcycles on display.

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Photo courtesy of the Isle of Man Museum

Today’s race has been postponed until tomorrow due to low lying clouds and rain.

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