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Cinco de Mayo brings great memories for all of us, but Cinco for Nashville Bike Week is no bueno. Like they say (whomever they are), maybe the fifth time is the charm.

Officially, Stan Chiras, owner of American Rebel Mud Park (the fourth location), pulled the drainage plug on this cesspool called Nashville Bike Week. He mentions consulting with his legal counsel as one of the reasons why, but fails to elaborate.

I’ll answer that- as I have written about endlessly, everyone is facing civil and criminal liability from this. There is also the issue of a lawsuit potentially coming his way for an outstanding debt of $25,000 that was reduced to $15,000 for an event that was held on his property. There is mention in Chiras’ statement of “there was also no feasible way to meet the statutory guidelines required by the State of Tennessee for permitting an event of this size.” Yeah, I don’t know what to say other than that’s obvious.

The event is taking place in a 16 cop town that needs help from adjoining jurisdictions, so I fail to see what he was thinking. He did offer his place for a free stay if you paid for the event as a consolation prize. We’ll see, he wants his own motorcycle rally but this was not the way to go about it. He was warned by many, including myself.


What’s left for Janelle Roberts, the person that hijacked Nashville Bike Week from Mike Leffingwell, who currently awaits charges on 7 cases in multiple jurisdictions not including whatever the feds have planned? Well, I keep saying the winner of the race is the first one to sing like a bird. So get ready to hear some birds chirping. And while not confirmed, it seems for now Janelle has gone MIA.

To make matters more interesting, I’ve heard through the grapevine that Mike Axle did communicate with Janelle Roberts through a member of the media, and Mike had some not so nice things to say, including her illegally using his credit card merchant account. Then again, apparently she was using her Arbonne International account as well, and that’s also a no no. ¬†She should have accepted my advice long ago when I told her walk away.

**I have since confirmed that she was fired by Arbonne.

Janelle could run off to her hometown in Michigan, but you always need to be careful of what bridges you burn. She filed a “harassment” charge against a friend and it turns out she gave a false address with her report, so maybe she will face issues in Michigan for filing a false police report, a felony, not to mention whatever pending investigations continue to exist since she was selling tickets and promoting the event while Mike Axle was around and after he was gone. Either way, she could be facing some serious legal issues herself.

I can tell you for sure this isn’t over by any stretch of the imagination. It may be quiet for a while, but there is more to come, especially with Mike Leffingwell having to deal with all his criminal cases and the feds have 4 -5 years to file charges. Plus, who knows what other charges are out there pending, not to mention any civil suits that may come from bikers looking to get refunds and freeze assets.

Whatever they all have coming to them, it doesn’t matter to me. For me, it was always about the serious long term effects and repercussions this event would cause.¬†Unfortunately, the biker community because of a select few is suffering from a black eye. The good news is bruises always go away.

Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room.

MC Atty

P.S. I am honored to be a member of what is now known as the “Dirty Dozen” and the Nashville Bike Week Scam Page. Every minute spent devoted to getting a refund, was a minute lost that could have been spent doing something else. Fact is, thousands of hours were spent in getting organized, obtaining documents, and interviewing people. We made no money off this, if anything, we lost money if not at the minimum, time. But, it was always about doing what is right. That’s what bikers do, that’s what bikers stand for. And bikers, no matter what, stick together. We faced threats, attacks, loss of income, and at times we worried. But the bonds that held us together were unbreakable, and when need be, we lifted each other’s spirits and we kept pushing forward.

The past is always prelude to hindsight 2o/20, and if one day we meet on the road while riding or at a biker event, if you approach me and ask, would you do it again- my answer is simple: as long as I got the Dirty Dozen watching my back, in a heartbeat! As odd as it sounds, I will always being grateful to Nashville Bike Week for introducing me to 11 lifelong friends. I guess every dark cloud does have a silver lining.

One day, there will be a Dirty Dozen reunion, and you are all invited. It will be epic, it will shake the heavens. Just bring your id and make sure to spring a few extra bucks for the all you can drink beer package. Send me your credit card if you want the VIP shuttle.

Location Cinco being chosen as I type.

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