Motorcycles and Charitable Rides and Toy Runs

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Living in south Florida in December, means we do not have to battle black ice, snow, or the cold. The temperature hasn’t dropped below 75 degrees since God knows when. A cold front is coming in this weekend with temperatures expected in the sixties (actually, as I edit this, finally, 64 degrees).

Because of the temperature year round in south Florida, that means that charitable toy runs are endless. The season began with our own Turkey Ride and Drive. It is our second year and this year we collected over 6,000 lbs in turkeys that were distributed throughout Miami Dade County, including the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars (VFW).

As to motorcycle toy runs, I won’t even bother trying to figure out how many have been scheduled, but suffice to say in the quad-county area (Florida Keys, Miami Dade County, Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County, and Palm Beach County), there are more charitable rides scheduled than most states have rides scheduled all year. And between you and me, I love it.


The local mc’s have several rides including the grand daddy of them all, the Toys in the Sun Run. Unfortunately, bad weather (yes, lots of rain), meant that instead 30,000 bikes riding for the cause, maybe a few thousand if that showed up. But, Toys in the Sun Run is a long standing event in south Florida and the amount of toys and donations they have been collected throughout the years more than compensates for bad weather this one time.¬†Besides the mc’s, you have motorcycle associations and the local motorcycle dealers all participating in their own rides/events.


Since I started riding in 2005 and as I have blogged amount an endless amount of times, bikers are a rare breed. Besides motorcycle riding, I enjoy a round of golf with a good cigar and a cold Heineken back at the club house after 18 holes. Last time I check, local golfers aren’t getting together and collecting toys for the less fortunate. As an attorney, I have yet to hear anything as well. So I belong to three sub-cultures: bikers, golfers, and attorneys. Ask the general public, and they would be shocked to find out bikers are always doing something good for the community.

I’ve yet to figure out why bikers love participating in charitable rides; I just know we do. With the temperature dropping in south Florida and bikes decorated with Christmas tree lights, stuffed toys, and riders wearing Santa hats, it is a great time of year to be a biker. Actually, it is always a great time of year to be a biker, Christmas just makes it better.

It would be impossible to figure out worldwide the amount of money, toys, and smiles bikers have caused throughout the holidays. But, I guarantee you, bikers beat everyone and every group hands down.


Below is a video of a local news network, Channel 10, that asked our group, M.S.A.R. (Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Riders) to participate in. That day we had a cruise scheduled for our annual party, so I had to wake up at 5 a.m. That is not something I am used to. To be honest, it is something I hate. But, ask me to jump on my bike and do something good, and I don’t care what time I have to wake up.

I never asked my two friends that you see in the video to join me. I did not want to bother them since they were also going on the cruise, but when they found out, they just simply asked me when and where is kick stands up? Brothers!

Happy holidays my biker friends!

MC Atty

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