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Maybe it is just me, or I am beginning to see a shift when it comes to laws and motorcycles? As they say, as goes California, so does the rest of the country.

California was first by allowing lane-splitting. Click here to read more about it. By all measures, that was a huge leap forward for motorcycle riders.

Next on the list is Tennessee. A law is being considered to allow a motorcycle rider to exit the highway via the shoulder when traffic is moving slower than a designated speed. I’ve been guilty of doing that.


A few months ago, our group page on Facebook, M.S.A.R., was flooded with people talking about “dead red” laws. Huh? I admit, I had to do some research on this because typical of social media, there were lots of rumors.

“Dead Red” applies to the situation when a motorcycle cannot “trip” the sensors on the road to trigger a light change. Think of sitting at a light forever, waiting for it to turn green but it doesn’t because your motorcycle isn’t heavy enough to trip the sensor.

With the “dead red” law, the motorcycle rider can cross the intersection, even though the traffic light is still red. Of course, that happens to me all the time, but I use that as a great opportunity to practice my U-turns.

With changes in the law, this hopefully leads to safer roads for us riders. But, like always, the best way to protect yourself is knowing how to ride and that means being able to complete advanced motorcycle safety course. Just because you have ridden for ten years, doesn’t mean you know how to ride anymore than a weekend hacker knows how to play golf because he has been playing for twenty years.

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