Caution With Gravel and Turns

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Riding in Everglades National Park

The video below was filmed with my GO Pro camera. Anny was riding with me and she turned around to film the group taking the turn. It was a group of about ten of us riding out to Everglades National Park for lunch. Watch my friend in the yellow Suzuki motorcycle.


First of all, always pay attention to where you are riding. Doing so could have you avoid a motorcycle accident. Since it is the Everglades, the first thing that comes to mind is animals crossing the road. In the Everglades, it could be turtles, alligators, iguanas, pythons and raccoons. With just about all of the wildlife in the Everglades, they are low-lying and may be difficult to see until the last second especially as dusk approaches.

A colleague of mind destroyed the front end of his Mercedes Benz when traveling down Tamiami Trail at dusk. There was an alligator lying in his lane that he could not see until it was too late. The damages to his car exceeded ten thousand dollars and the alligator was killed.

On this ride, when we were leaving the park, there was a snapping turtle in the middle of the road that we stopped our motorcycles for and carried the turtle to a nearby pond. Once when heading out there for camping, a box turtle was crossing the road.


Besides wildlife, you can see that the roads are not in great condition. The loose gravel was visible. Luckily, my friend has some serious skills when it comes to riding so everything turned out okay. The same thing happened to another friend riding at the back of the group. But, he also knows how to ride.

Even in residential areas, dirt and gravel tends to accumulate on the turns. Be weary of that because just a little bit of throttle may cause the rear wheel to slide on the gravel, causing you to lose control and go down.

I tend to take a quick peak at the road when turning to make sure loose sand and gravel is not present.

Be safe out there.

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