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Casie Gotro in court with Jake Carrizal

Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shooting Updates

Casie Gotro, the attorney that represented Bandido Chapter President Christopher Jacob Carrizal, has  filed a Motion to Withdraw. Gotro successfully represented Carrizal in the first case to go trial in the Twin Peaks shooting. The five-week trial ended with a mistrial.

Usually, Motions to Withdraw are based on a client not meeting his/her financial obligation with the firm, irreconcilable differences between the attorney and the client, or having lost contact with a client. In this case, it was financial.


The Unfortunate Reality 

For the most part, Gotro represented Carrizal pro bono and cases as complex as his requires deep pockets, easily up to $100k. Unfortunately, finances was a major concern of mine from the beginning, knowing that defense attorneys would have to represent their clients with substantially reduced fees, if not pro bono.

Right off the top, tens of thousands of dollars were lost by those arrested in Twin Peaks because of the ridiculous bond amounts issued by the Justice of the Peace. Bail bonds companies charge ten percent (10%) of the bond amount, and that money is out of pocket for a defendant as that is how the bail bonds company makes their money. Thus, when this fiasco started with the million dollar bonds, a defendant would need $100,000 to secure his bond with a bail bonds company that is fronting the million. Of course, those bonds were reduced ultimately as lawyers filed motions for bond reductions, but even if a biker posted a $50,000 bond, they lost $5,000. Not to mention many lost their jobs while sitting in jail awaiting their hearings.

After practicing law nineteen years, I know all to well the costs of maintaining an office. According to a Gotro interview, her legal bill exceeded $50,000 and resulted in her digging into her personal financial account. Been there, done that. She did receive about $8,000. Hopefully, Karma pays Gotro a visit and fills her office with new clients as payback for the good work she did for Carrizal. While Karma is at it, hopefully Abel Reyna’s office wont seek an additional trial with Carrizal.

The hearing on the motion is scheduled before Judge Matt Johnson this week. It’s a standard motion that will be granted.

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