Carrizal Testifies – Closing Arguments Today in the Waco Biker Shootout

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Updates on the Waco Biker Shootout

Today is the closing arguments on the case of Jacob Carrizal. From there, the jury will deliberate. Here’s my prediction based on the evidence I’ve seen – NOT GUILTY! And even if found guilty, there is more than enough issues for a successful appeal to the appellate court.


In a bold move, Jacob Carrizal testified earlier this week and admitted to wearing a yellow helmet which was also previously admitted to by his brother.  This was also testified to by others and that is more than clear in video surveillance shown to the jury.

Carrizal also testified that he was ambushed and a member of the Cossacks was trying to punch him with brass knuckles even though he was still wearing his helmet. Carrizal reached for a knife in his pocket, but was unable to get it, so instead he pulled out a 2-shot Derringer to shoot at Jacob Rhyne who seemed to have fired four shots at him. Rhyne was taken out by a sniper. Carrizal was lying on the ground when this happened.

“I was fighting and kicking and trying to get away and they ripped off my face shield and tried to hit inside my helmet with brass knuckles.” 

Don’t forget, the state made a big deal about the text messages from Carrizal to members of the Bandidos saying “bring your tools.” With that in mind, with everyone ready to go to “war” and Carrizal brings a 2 shot Derringer? The saying don’t bring a knife to gun fight comes to mind and that alone should be enough for the jury to realize something doesn’t add up.

Why Not Guilty?

After listening to closing arguments on both sides, especially District Attorney Abel Reyna, I’m still trying to figure out what Carrizal did that was against the law? Is going to Twin Peaks knowing that Cossacks may or may not attack physically a crime? No!

He had as much as a right to be there as you or I. Reyna seemed more focus on what the Bandidos stand for past and present, but it’s really not relevant to Carrizal’s guilt or innocence.

If anything, the evidence shows that Carrizal did in fact act in self-defense. Even today CNN did a segment on the shooting and showed once Carrizal rode up to the bar, he was surrounded, attacked, and shots were fired at him. Even if Carrizal wanted to leave, he wouldn’t be able to since he was completely surrounded.

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