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Honda s2000, car accident, motorcycle accident july 2017
Close Call, Honda S2000 Roadster

Here is a crazy video posted on YouTube by Emilio Caceres. A simple and fun motorcycle ride almost became a deadly motorcycle accident.

Now, from a motorcycle safety standpoint, could anything had been done different? Not really in my opinion but feel free to respond.


The biker does not seem to be speeding, which is always key. The Honda S2000 Roadster seems to have lost control taking the turn. Most likely took the turn to fast, and since it is a light weight car, I’m guessing the back may have fishtailed, the driver panicked, hit the brakes, and lost control of the Roadster.


I can tell you at times I have slowed down on a blind curve. When I was at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 2012, riding through the Black Hills, a car passed me and my friend up on a double-blind curve. Luckily, no one was coming from the other side but the driver had now way of knowing that. The driver simply took the risk and got lucky that one time.

Another time in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, of all things I saw a postal carrier pass up a car ahead of me on the opposite lane while going over a large hill that obstructed the postal carrier’s view. What would possess someone to do either one is beyond my logical thinking, then again, I’m sure they weren’t thinking.

For that reason, coming up to a hill, I tend to slow down to make sure an idiot is not coming from the other side.

Be safe out there and enjoy your ride. Whether you are on a motorcycle or car, enjoy the ride, leaving the speeding for the race track.

MC Atty

P.S. One thing, I commend the motorcycle rider for going back. I do find it odd no cars went back to the scene of the accident.


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