Canada’s Texting and Driving Laws

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Canada’s CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) which is similar to the United State’s AAA, recently conducted a poll on the issue of texting and driving. Even after extensive public campaigns and enforcement by police, Canadians (83%) believe that texting and driving has only gotten worse.

Even legislation had been introduced to obtain funding for law enforcement to be able to drive SUVs so that officers can look down into cars, an idea that Florida should take into consideration where texting and driving remains a secondary offense.

Per the CAA website, studies show that texting and driving increases the likelihood of an accident by more than 23 times. But, according to the CAA poll, Canadians believe the issue doesn’t end with driving, but also other physical activities such as walking and jogging. We’ve all seen the YouTube viral videos of people walking with their heads down getting hit by a car or falling down a manhole or water fountain at the mall. I dread more than ever “smart cars” that allow texting and driving via Bluetooth with your car’s computer system.


Driving while intoxicated and texting and driving are ranked as the two most important issues when it comes to road safety in Canada. Accidents attributable to distracted driving totaled 8,296, 1,205 injuries, and 42 deaths which was more than accidents attributed to driving under the influence. A fact that I have argued in order to take texting/driving more seriously, however, the laws nationwide, at least in the United States does not seem strict enough. In addition, I don’t advocate solely texting and driving laws, but distracted driving laws which the CAA does a good job of pointing out the likelihood of accidents caused by applying makeup, even searching for your wallet.


Whether it’s Canada or the United States, at some point, license revocation has to be considered. In my opinion, on the second charge, an automatic 30 day suspension is warranted and one year for the third time. That will get drivers to take this seriously especially with an increase in the fine amounts.

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