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Abel Reyna, Waco Twin Peaks
Abel Reyna, McLennan County District Attorney

Latest Updates on the Waco Twin Peaks Shooting

It’s hard to keep up with the latest surrounding the trial of Jacob Carrizal because everyday it is something new. Only yesterday did I blog that subpoenas were issued to Abel Reyna and the District Attorney’s Office regarding any documents pertaining to an FBI investigation on Reyna.

Until Tomorrow

Today’s hearing was quickly continued due to Carrizal’s attorney, Casie Gotro objecting to evidence that she had not received previously. Apparently, the District Attorney’s Office did have readily available for Discovery private nude photos of one defendant and his wife, but doesn’t have evidence of a bullet that cannot be matched to a rifle that belongs to the Waco Police Department.

Reyna’s Gone!

Yesterday, I blogged about a possible case of public corruption against Reyna, and now he has voluntarily recused himself as well as his office from prosecuting the next trial to avoid any possible conflicts of interest. If you ask me, he should recuse his entire office from every trial if he is really interested in justice and a fair trial for the bikers, which includes a change of venue. But then again, it’s hard to get into office by saying “I was the top prosecutor that sent that the case to another town, so vote for me.”

Since the beginning, it was more than clear that Reyna’s office should not prosecute this case or any other case tied into Twin Peaks, but what do you expect from a D.A. that actually had his father on the Grand Jury as a commissioner, a former judge until Reyna finally removed him. You cannot make this stuff up! But it gets better.


Attorney Clint Broden who represents  Matthew Clendennen, claims there was communication between between District Attorney First Assistant Michael Jarett and the FBI regarding the selective prosecution claims in which cases against “friends” or those who contributed “politically” had their cases dismissed.

Now, let me put myself out on a limb here because this only goes one of two ways: either Clint Broden is completely fabricating these accusations and is willing to risk his reputation which will not only affect his income, but may result in bar complaints/proceedings against him that will cost him his license, or there is truth, at least some truth to the claims he has made. And to be clear, when I say claims, I actually mean motions filed with the court. Had he made these claims to the media only and not filed motions claiming as such, then there’s no doubt his motive could be suspect.

In addition, the pleadings filed state that Reyna wanted the arrests made against the wishes of the Waco Police Department. Hence, why a court of inquiry has been convened due to the inconsistent testimony between Reyna and a Waco Detective.

I can tell you that I have practiced law long enough to know I have no case/scenario to compare this too. Even the Miami State Attorney’s Office phone sex scandal doesn’t compare to this (secretaries were having phone sex with a convicted serial killer that they were prosecuting). Not even the controversial case of Steve Avery in the popular Netflix documentary “Making A Muderder” and Ken Kratz, the prosecutor sexting with the very same defendant he was prosecuting compares. But if I were only done.

She Don’t Lie, She Don’t Lie, Cocaine…

So we have corruption, political favors, federal investigations and cocaine. No, I’m not talking about one percenters; I’m talking about District Attorney Abel Reyna.

Besides former DA Greg Davis ready to testify that Reyna wanted everyone arrested at Twin Peaks, another attorney who is willing to sacrifice his reputation, career, and also his license, is available to testify per Broden that Reyna had cocaine delivered to him just weeks before the mass murders at Twin Peaks.

Put this in a script, make it a movie, and everyone walks out of the movie theater complaining this can’t happen in real life, unless of course, you are in Waco.

I said it in a blog on August 31, 2015, and that was that everyone, especially Reyna was looking above and beyond Waco. Reyna was looking at the bigger picture- political office, Senator, Governor, maybe the federal government.

Reyna’s Campaign Promises is Karma

  • “I’m going to change this office,” Reyna said. “I’m not going to let it change me.” –This quote speaks for itself. So he was always this way?
  • “You have to have a lot more coordination with law enforcement,” Reyna said. “You’ve got to be able to coordinate or parallel the collection of evidence with the presentation of evidence in the court room.” —Attorney Broden will have a field day with this statement.
  • “Since John Segrest became district attorney twenty years ago, there have been more jury trials, more convictions and more criminals put in prison than under any other district attorney in McLennan County history,” the Segrest campaign stated in a televised advertisement. “On the other hand, his opponent has never prosecuted a case in his lifetime.”– How many times have I now said that Reyna should not be prosecuting these cases personally and leave it up to the experienced prosecutors? Then again, he’s only doing the defendants a favor. Not only that, apparently he is trying to catch with former D.A. Segrest by having mass arrests!
  • “He’s done his part for the county in the years that he’s been there; it’s just time that we step up the aggressiveness against crime.” — Just read the bullet point above this one. Segrest had more trials and convictions than any other D.A. in McLennan County’s history.

The above quotes/interview could be seen by clicking this link.

Where there’s smoke…

MC Atty

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