Bromance? Mancrush? Attorney Fetish?- Nashville Bike Week

nashville bike week cancelled
Nashville Bike Week 2017


Oh Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. Didn’t I tell you not to mention me? People are beginning to wonder about the obsession.

#mancrush #attorneyfetish #bromance

I did promise you every time you mentioned me, I would blog about you. And like you, I am a man of my word (insert sarcastic laugh here). And since what I blog is not only true, but unflattering, why don’t you quit while your behind?

Yesterday you mentioned me twice! Now I have to blog twice about you even though I consider Nashville Bike Week yesterday’s newspaper that was going to line the bottom of the bird cage. Actually, I’ll be writing three now.

nashville tennessee, mike axle
Mike Axle, promoter of Nashville Bike Week

A couple of things pop out at me with your post. One, Emily wants to kick your ass.  I suggest you stop having beer for breakfast. Two, if a little red line appears under a word, that means it is misspelled. Three, is the event now being held in Dusch? Is that in Germany? Four- I had to Google map Dumbfuckistan. Apparently, it’s nearby. Per Google, it said go south on Nascar Scam Lane. Hang a right when you see the Got Concrete Scam Building, and continue until you reach 249k Lane. Destination will be on my right, across the street from the Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.


Anyway Mikey, without further ado, here is my response to your post shown below. By the way, why are you speaking in the third person? Narcissism? And stop calling the Coal Miner’s Daughter a liar. You didn’t file a lawsuit against her. More defamatory remarks against them. Word to the wise- your double down tactics don’t work when everyone else is tripling down. Let me know when we can do the Q/A I emailed you about. Time to clear everything up and put those haters in their place.

loretta lynn ranch
Mike Leffingwell speaking in third person


I’ll just post the final court judgment even though the Indictment makes for interesting reading.

mike axle arrested
NASCAR scam Judgment


unofficial nashville bike week

nashville bike week 2017 bands


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mike axle nashville bike week

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american rebel mud park

To access federal records, click here. You were asked to file proof of the judgment being paid. Go ahead and post it so I could look up the docket once you do.

Hey Mikey, feel free to comment on my blog as you have before with fake email addresses. We all know you read my blogs. But I do ask one favor in return- can you let me know when you are ready to post that 2017 Nashville Bike Week is being pushed back to 2018, and that there will be more bands, and bigger and badder than ever?

MC Atty 😉

time magazine

internet trolls meme


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