Brady Mountain, Arkansas

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Brady Mountain Arkansas


From Oak Mountain in Alabama, our next stop was Brady Mountain in Arkansas. Within minutes of getting there, the nosy neighbor comes up to me. “Hola” she greets. I’m already offended. Had I reacted logically and unemotionally, I should have just replied in Spanish or fake Portuguese, she wouldn’t know the difference, it would have caused her to leave, but, I replied in English.

“It’s cute. Do you sleep in there?”

I felt like replying: “no, we just have sex in there and we sleep out here on the cold ground.” But, I was being nice so I replied with a “yes.”

“Can I see it?”

For f—– sake! I’m unpacking! I’ve been on the road all day! I’m tired! Hungry! “No, I don’t have the keys.” (I did have the keys).

Now she puts her hand and face to the window try to peek inside. Seriously? Trust me, I work very hard to control myself, if not, my entire life would be a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode.

Besides Ms. Hola drinking White Zinfandel, Brady Mountain was a nice park, especially during the week since no one else was there. Within an hour of getting there, the sun began to set, and it was a beautiful sunset.

camping sunsets, camping in arkansas
Beautiful sunset in Brady Mountain

At night, it was just as peaceful.

The following morning, with my lake view, I enjoyed my coffee in solitude.

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The best part of camping.

And before we left, we made sure to visit the overlook which is about a ten minute walk from the campground.

Arkansas campgrounds
Overlook in Brady Mountain

If in the area, I definitely recommend a visit to Brady Mountain.

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