The Unwritten Rules of Motorcycle Riding

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We only know what we know, and the same holds true of the motorcycle riding sub-culture. From The Unwritten Rules of Motorcycle Riding, an Amazon best seller, you will learn the do’s and don’ts of motorcycle riding whether it is the right attitude and frame of mind when riding, waving to fellow bikers, or just simply planning ahead. Join us on this ride to not only simplify your life, but also make your ride more enjoyable.


Ever notice how happy bikers are when they are out riding? Just go to a biker bar or any other place where bikers frequent and observe them. Compare it to a non-biker locale and I guarantee you the bikers are smiling more, having more fun, and hugging and kissing all their friends. Why wouldn’t a biker be happy? Bikers love the outdoors, the sunshine, and the open road. We work hard to buy a bike, customize it, then look forward to the weekend so we can ride it as much as we can. I’m sure you have a car; did you give it a nickname? Not likely, but, I bet your motorcycle has a name. Because bikers are happy and enjoy the positivity of riding, if you are a negative person, do everyone a favor including yourself, and stay home.

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