Riding Undercover, Part II

motorcycle clubs, outlaw motorcycle gangs, bandidos, hells angels

Bobby Bryant is back in “Riding Undercover.” Written by Amazon best selling author Alexander Hernandez, Riding Undercover is the sequel to “Bobby Be Good.”

Bryant has been hand-picked by John Kent, a powerful member of the federal government, to be the first operative for D.C.I.U. (Domestic Counter-Intelligence Unit), a highly secretive and specialized domestic terrorism unit.

Bryant, now working for the federal government, returns to Miami with a new cover and mission; infiltrate the criminal underworld of outlaw motorcycle gangs. The violent outlaw motorcycle gangs or OMG’S, have established a distribution network throughout the United States, using their different chapters as a cover. Bryant has to find a way to prospect for the 305 Motorcycle Club and ultimately, become a member.


Bobby awoke inside a cabin. The last thing he remembered was leaving the Dade County Jail in Miami after being picked up by whom he guessed was the feds. He remembered getting inside a large SUV and in the back seat waiting for him was an older male, dressed in a dark three-piece suit. He told Bobby to drink a serum, which he refused, until the front seat passenger turned around and pointed a Glock 17 at his forehead.

Bobby sat at the end of the bed. He was groggy, but managed to plant his feet on the floor. Once he stood, vertigo caused him to sit down again until he was able to get his bearings. After a few minutes, the violent spinning of the interior of the cabin slowed down just enough for Bobby to try to stand again.