Knock. Knock. Part I of the Trinity Series

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Jack is living what seems the perfect life. He lives in quiet neighborhood in the older section of Saint Augustine, Florida where the overreaching branches of Oak trees create a graceful canopy over the street and sidewalks. He’s married to his beautiful wife, Christy and his pride is his adorable three-year old daughter, Lauren. Jack, a veteran of the Navy SEAL’s, is a loving husband and nurturing father whose life revolves around his family, but within his peaceful existence lies an apocalyptic threat.

Mysterious knocks in his home results in Jack seeking the expertise of ghost hunters Anne and Ronnie, along with renown psychic medium, Rosemary. They uncover that within the walls of his home lies the deadliest, most evil of all entities: the Devil himself.

Jack’s home serves as a portal straight to Hell and the Devil has infested his house with demons and malevolent spirts that will stop at nothing to possess his soul.
But why Jack? How did the demonic enter his home and why now after so many years? Jack’s discovery extends far past the reach of the Devil seeking another soul. A far more sinister plot exists that could ultimately result in the Devil winning in the battle of good and evil and at the expense of him and his family and untold numbers of innocent people.


Lauren rarely woke up with an appetite, but she always made an exception for pancakes. She ate both pancakes with a smile and the same could be said for Christy with her breakfast. Of course, Christy felt the need to express that happiness on social media. Christy had Jack hold up his plate of breakfast and she did the same. Lauren had her plate before her and Christy’s phone was propped up against a decorative bowl for a selfie shot. “Alright. Look at the screen. It’s counting down from three.” On three, a picture was snapped. Christy reached for her phone, looked at the picture and satisfied, posted it on Facebook. “Have a great day my friends.”


Jack took to the recliner with the remote control in hand and started switching through channels, trying to find something to entertain him, even if only temporarily. Christy was in the kitchen cleaning the plates. Her cell phone rested on the dining table, but since her alerts were set to vibrate, Jack could hear the humming of her phone on the wood dining table. When Christy exited the kitchen, Jack let her know. “Hun, check your phone. It’s going crazy.”

Christy keyed her password on the screen and since she never closed her Facebook app., it was still open and popped up on the screen. “I guess everybody enjoyed our breakfast pic. I already have twenty-three likes and seventeen comments.” Christy started to read the comments. The first one read: “Who is that in the background?” The next was one was simply “creepy.” The one after: “is your pic photoshopped?”

Christy tapped on the picture, then with her thumb and index finger enlarged the photo. The next thing Jack heard was a scream and Christy in hysterics running into the bedroom.